Six Pack

Work Smart. Not Hard

OMG. MY SIX PACK IS ALMOST BACK! I’ve been working out HARD for years, but couldn’t get rid of that pouch. I started seeing my six pack after only 6 days!!!!!! WOWWWWWWW!!!!


Chow For Now Client Results
Chow For Now Client Results

Thank You!

Hey Anna! Remember me!!? I've lost 75 lbs on your program and went down 6 dress sizes!! Thank u so much! I couldn't have done it without you!!!!!!


TU... O:-)

“As of this morning I’m down 108.7 lbs. in total. 69.4 lbs. in three months eating your Pro-to-Go Meals and using AlphaPEP™ ORIGINAL I’m so happy words can’t describe.”

LoVe YoU and thank you for doing what u do...not only did losing the weight make me look and feel better it helped me lose some old habits....TU..0;-)


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Chow For Now Client Results
Chow For Now Client Results

Finally Back In!

Anna, I'm so glad I joined all of you. I am more amazed with the inches. I lost like 44”all over in 35 days! I wore a shirt I haven't worn in 2 summers because of the tummy. I’m sending you these pictures without my head in the shot just so people can see what I mean. It still ain’t pretty, but I’m getting there. i will be ready to do it again at the end of the summer and will update you all. Thanks for everything! And, by the way, the cajun burgers? SLAMMIN! LOL...

See you in September! Love you all and I wouldn't be where I am today without you cause I tried everything... believe me.

Love & Hugs,

Alpha Pep Rocks!

“Hey, there! This diet is the best! I love it! I know i have a ways to go but had i not met you guys, i wouldn't be where I am today... and the food? Oh. My. God. I start salivating before every meal. I wanna eat more, not because i’m hungry, but because your food is SO delicious! i can’t wait until i get to do my next round cause ALPHA PEP ROCKS! Here are my final stats:
1st Round Results after 35 days
32 pounds lost
21 inches lost

No more gym bills!

About 25 days ago I was at a concert In fact it was Ms M** B**** she gets introduced and came out looking Drop dead gorgeous with this black dress on telling how she had loss weight on this diet. I immediately requested from anyone who would listen “I want that diet information!” I was very determined not to take no for an answer. I continued to ask everyone during church the next day while we were welcoming and hugging each other - whispering in everyones ear “Hey I need that diet.” Meanwhile I noticed people in my Church looking fabulous all at once so I knew the deacon in my Church was on it so I asked him on “fb” (a popular social website). Anyhow I got the information and telephoned the woman he had told me to. So I made the appointment - very determined (because I had seen the results) - to stick to this. Well the first few days I started thinking, “You can’t do this...” then something said “don’t listen to that - Yes, You Can!” and so I have done it - down 19 pounds just by following what I was told. I also lost 6 inches around my waist and 4 inches off my arms and my behind Is looking rather lovely If I may say so myself. I’m about to take myself out! LOL This diet has brought back the old sexy me and my skin is like a babies bottom. I am never hungry and I just feel great. I highly recommend this wonderful diet where you eat and there is no exercise required. I went to the gym once only because I missed my friends from the gym. I decided to just give this a chance and next week I will cancel my membership because I could use the extra money someplace else. One last thing - the shopping and grocery bill will shrink! Thats the best part. Anyhow just stick to it and you will definitely see results! Yesterday I walked into my job where people were calling ME skinny!!!! Thank You for giving me back me.


Chow For Now Client Results

A great inspiration to me

Hello Ana,

I am so excited to announce that my sister and I will be joining the CHOW FOR NOW program and are ready to place another order. Please note that I am adding 2 bottles each (4 total) of your delicious salad dressing to the orders.

I am down 10.2 lb as of this morning, and I am so thankful for this opportunity to begin taking control and getting my life back. (Yippee)

I am so happy to report I am presently down 12.7 lbs in only (8) days and Joan is down 8.2 lbs!
Maybe one day soon we will meet you and give you great big HUGS!!

Thanks. J

Chow For Now Client Results

Not Searching!

Good day everyone. This morning I have now completed 19 days of Phase 2 and have lost 30.0 lbs and 16.5 inches. I will NOT try to find what has been lost!... I will happily send you an after picture later.


Aloha All

I am currently in Phase 3 of my first round of the Protocol.

I first tried the program not solely because I believed in it, but because I trust and admire the ladies that presented it to me.

Initially, I did not weigh myself (especially after chowing down, lol) nor weigh myself daily during the first week. By the beginning of the second week I was excited to weight myself daily and marvel at the weight loss recorded each morning. I knew when I began the program that I was over 220 lbs when I last stood on a scale, and I also knew I weighed significantly more by the time the program came to my aid. Therefore, I can say definitely that I lost a minimum of 24 pounds, but more than likely over 32.

I was getting frustrated in the last week because I reached a plateau a few times. Also in the fourth week there was quite a bit of slipping. I blame it on getting a new position, a raise, and the joy of clothing that does not bind. LOL

I had to re-evaluate. My initial goal was to get below 200 pounds. I reached that, and some. I am now consistently 196 pounds. I have to acknowledge that achievement, and not get …shall we say `greedy' for more before it is time.

I can hardly wait for my next round! In the next round I will also employ using the food offered as part of the program! Preparation, as has often been pointed out is one of the main keys to success of this program. I think having prepared portions will add to my fortitude. Additionally, who doesn’t enjoy good food!

One of my challenges was that I not only HAVE a sweet tooth, I am a natural sweet. At least that is how the Hawaiians refer to someone who emits a natural sweet essence as opposed to an acid one. I love sweets, as well as bread, pasta…all of that. It was difficult initially staying away from them but I was determined, and am overjoyed that I was successful enough to be where I am today. I am confident the next round will be even more successful.

Aloha for now,


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