Ana Iza Otis is an accomplished Singer, Songwriter, Artist and Author.
Ana Iza is the daughter of Legendary Songwriter/Producer, Clyde Otis, who wrote and produced hits for such talents as Aretha Franklin, Elvis and Brook Benton. Her mother is Top Model/Recording Artist Lourdes (Lulu) Guerrero, who appeared on “The Jackie Gleason Show.”
Ana Iza began her singing career in the original vocal cast of Sesame Street at the young age of 7. Ana Iza has recorded over 70 jingles & TV specials:
– Frosty’s Winter Wonderland.
– The Carpenters’ “Sing”.
– Gigged w/ Dizzy Gillespie… “Uncle Dizzy” – that’s Dizzy Gillespie to you and me – who happened to live just across the street from her childhood home.
– Illinois Jacquet’s Big Band & others here & abroad.
– “It’s Showtime at the Apollo”
– Lincoln Center
You may have seen Ana Iza perform at:
– NYC’s Metropolitan Room: John Hoglund’s “A Thriller in Cabaret” & The Ana Iza Experience.
– Fresh Fruit Festival’s “All Out Jazz” at Joe’s Pub. (Voted Best Jazz Performer)
– Docker’s, Hamptons.
– Jersey City Pride.
– G.C. Literary Society’s Annual conference in Orlando, Florida.
– Black Women in Sports Foundation Conferences
– Many Jazz and Cabaret Venues in NYC/NJ and Paris, France
– Lincoln Center
Ana Iza wrote “If You Wanna Sing Me (I’ll Be A Song)” which was recorded and performed live by Nancy Wilson & is featured on Ms. Wilson’s 4 disc compilation of her most cherished recordings. Ana is profiled in “Kings & Queens – Queers at the Prom”; Black Elegance; Variety and Billboard Magazines & in NYC/ NJ papers.
Life was not easy for an overweight young girl perpetually in the spotlight. Ana Iza has always battled with weight problems, even as a child. Her highest weight was over 407 pounds. When she saw herself on television at her famous father’s funeral in 2008, that’s when she hit bottom.
Ana Iza had been trying to lose weight since she was eight years old. She tried every diet and exercise program. Every miracle pill. Nothing stuck. So she took it upon herself to research nutrition, enzymes, pure foods, unrefined sugars, as well as amino acids and decided to create her own diet and it worked! As the weight came off, she started sharing her plan with fellow parishioners and friends in 2009.
They lost weight and told their friends and cooking all that food for all those people took on a life of its own. More than 200 pounds lighter now, Ana Iza has gone commercial and is selling her “Chow For Now(tm)” food online; She has a retail shop in Fairfield, NJ.
Ana Iza happily proclaims… “I lost a tremendous amount of weight using my nutritional knowledge, cooking skills and self-imposed supplement and exercise regimen”.
Since she has been on this weight loss journey, Ana Iza became a tenacious student researching the science of proper eating. Her satisfaction and personal success has motivated her to continue on this path and share her nutritionally sensible benefits with others.
Ana Iza Otis created “Chow For Now Foods(tm)” and since then has helped hundreds realize their weight loss goals. Upon further research, it became obvious to her that there was a void in nutritionally sensible foods available for like minded individuals. “Chow for Now(tm)” was developed to meet and satisfy the needs of many health minded individuals.
– Recipient: 2002 Distinguished Alumni in Business award Mt. Ida College, Massachusetts;
– Certificate of the University of Paris, La Sorbonne, majoring in Fine Arts (this is where she further developed her love for the art of cooking and French cuisine);
– Advisory board member of the American Weight Control Council (AWCC)
– Advisory board member American Vegetarian Association (AVA);
– Member of the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO)
– Member of the Research Chef’s Association (RCA);
– Certified in the Dietary Supplement Health Education Act of 1994 (DSHEA) by the American Nutraceutical Association
– Diploma in Personal Nutrition (Shaw Academy)
– Food Manager/Handler’s Certificate (Essex County, NJ)
Ana Iza Otis enjoys writing, visiting farmers markets, making art, boating, cooking for family and friends, and traveling.