Chow For Now Organic Air Dried Tomato Flakes


Organic Dried Tomatoes (salt & sulfite-free)


Organic Dried Tomatoes (salt & sulfite-free)

Sweet, ripe, California Certified Organic Roma-type tomatoes dried with warm air and fans that dries the tomatoes gently and allows for a rich, deep red color. No sulfites, additives or preservatives are used with this naturally healthy product. Excellent color, 100% organic and the sweetest, natural flavor imaginable.
Add a delicious savory tang to any food, sauce or dressing. 3/8″ dice.
Halal. Kosher. Certified Organic. 4 oz. bottle (Packed by volume, not weight)

Additional information

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 8 x 5 x 10 in


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