Pro-To-Go™ Weekly Meal Kits


(*Savings based on individual purchase price of bundled items. Packages subject to change based on availability. Sold Out entrees will substituted at our discretion and will be of the same or higher value and same class as original choice. ie: shrimp for shrimp, etc...)
star-ledger2"We like every dish so much, it is hard to believe it is diet food! We can not get enough!" (Brooke Tarabour, Food Critic - 'Taste')
NJ's Star Ledger (April 16, 2014)

Traditionally, being on a “diet” consisted of eating boring, tasteless foods, not a bevy of gourmet delights! But, Chow For Now™ wants you to not only succeed on your journey, we want you to delight in it!

We prepare delicious, convenient portion controlled packages to make your life easier with REAL foods you WANT to eat, like Italian Meatballs, Curry Chicken, Italian Chicken, Asian Ginger Sole, Mississippi Blackened Catfish, Tuscan Shrimp, Curry Shrimp, Smokehouse Angus Filet Mignon, Cajun and All-American Burgers, Tex-Mex Chili, Tropical Tilapia, gluten free and heart healthy Rice Pilaf, Haricots Vert Almondine (French green beans), etc...

Our entrees and sides are wonderfully prepared and optimized to take the work out of your meal prep. Meats are precisely weighed, trimmed of all visible fat and lovingly seasoned. Still raw, they are then vacuum sealed for freshness. We use food grade sous vide “boil in" bags for water poaching or microwaving (it comes out great either way - usually 3-10 minutes from freezer to plate); Simply choose your favorites each day and look forward to a delicious, hot, fresh meal when you want it. Just heat, empty onto plates, toss the bags aside and enjoy!

Dedicated to your health, we choose only the very best ingredients available. We choose meats that are organic (when available), free range; grass or non-GMO grain-fed (our steaks are 100% Grass-fed New Zealand Filet Mignon), and humanely raised without added antibiotics or hormones. We prefer wild-caught fishes and seafood. We strive for sustainability; are "green" conscious and into biodynamic farming...

Our seasonings include Organic spice blends, Himalayan pink and French Sea Salt, Bragg’s Organic products. We give your taste buds a delightful treat and save you time and money every week. (Many clients report saving $80 a week on food while being on our program when they order our packages - not to mention the hours they save in preparing their own meals! Time is money!)


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