Gourmet Salts and Seasonings

dried tomatos
Try our new Organic Dried Tomatoes… They add a savory tang to Soups, Chilies, Stews, Casseroles, Veggies, Grits, Sauces and Noodle Dishes. Sprinkle them onto Salads, and use them to top Potato Dishes. Low in Calories, High in Taste.
• 3/8-inch flakes of air dried tomatoes.
• Excellent source of vitamins A & C, and a good source of fiber and iron.
• GMO free. Gluten free.
• Certified Organic. Certified Kosher.

smoked salt w/ chipotle IMG_0883

Smoked Fine Sea Salt… You don’t have to miss the BBQ’s. Use Chow For Now’s

Smoked Salts to liven up your meals! With or without the added heat of Steam Treated Dried Chipotle Peppers, these smoked salts do not miss the target.